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A free app for iOS and Android that pays you cash for your selfies. Consider us a selfie survey for cash rewards. Isn’t it about time?
We’re a selfie survey company. We offer snappy surveys that require photos because we believe photos are more useful than "checked boxes". Your photos help brands understand how their products and services fit into modern consumer lifestyles. Quite simply, your photos help improve the stuff you use every day. We may share photos with companies, but never personal information such as name or email. We encourage you to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
A blend of technology and human intelligence verifies that your selfies and other photos follow survey requirements. Selfies are usually verified within a few days. When verified, your selfie will move from "pending" to "accepted" status, and your account balance will increase. If your selfie was "declined," you didn't follow requirements.
Follow the requirements for each survey task. Make sure your photos are clear and bright. You need to be in your selfies--not your dog, kid, or friend (unless you're in the photo too). For any survey, once you submit a selfie, it will be final. The survey will not return. Declined surveys won't earn you any cash. Make it count!
Once your account balance reaches $20 in accepted selfies, you can cash out or donate to one of our charity partners. Cashouts are completed through PayPal. Once you select “Cashout,” your transaction will process within 5-7 days.
We need to see you in your selfies, unless a task specifies that a non-selfie photo is acceptable. Your photos should be bright and clear. Follow the requirements for each survey task. Certain tasks require location settings to be turned on.
You've got one chance to submit your honest input and follow requirements. Our selfie surveys may be more fun than others, but we take your answers seriously and want you to as well.
We offer new selfie surveys weekly. Our goal is to keep you busy taking fun photo surveys and earning cash credit along the way. Depending how many surveys you’re matched with or friends you refer, it may take just a few weeks or a few months. We’re not a "get rich quick" scheme. That said, taking selfies can be rewarding and pay for manicures, new sunglasses, movie tickets…
Yes! Being a good friend means helping others earn selfie cash. For every friend you refer who installs Pay Your Selfie and takes their first accepted selfie, you earn $0.50. Use your link to share with pals.
You need to be 18 years old, per our Terms of Use. Currently, Pay Your Selfie operates in the United States only.
If your selfies haven't been reviewed in more than 7 days, reach us at support@payyourselfie.com

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